fitness and health websites

Fitness and Health Websites

As part of the fitness industry, there are various websites dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the newest exercises and tips. Staying motivated while staying on top of your fitness game is easier...

food and nutrition pdf

The Science of Food and Nutrition

What is Nutrition? Nutrition is the science of food and its effect on health, covering topics including protein intake, carbohydrates intake, fats intake, vitamins intake, mineral intake, fiber consumption and water intake....

fitness + apple

Apple Fitness+ Review

Apple Fitness+ is a subscription service that brings studio-style workouts directly to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Utilizing workout metrics from an Apple Watch for optimal personalisation and immersiveness. Fitness Nation offers...

fitness gym

The Essentials of a Fitness Gym

Many people consider the gym to be an integral part of their lives; they go there for exercise and social interaction. No matter if it is a traditional facility or high-end fitness...

fitness biology

Fitness Biology – The Science of Reproduction

Fitness biology is the study of how physical activity impacts our bodies and how this response can be improved, providing essential knowledge in terms of prevention of chronic diseases as well as...

fitness body

How to Get a Fit Body

Fit bodies are defined as bodies capable of performing daily activities without effort or weariness, measured by factors like strength, endurance and flexibility. Attitude can also lower the risk of chronic diseases,...

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